USB isolated thermocouple,small USB electronic thermocouple, K type 0 ~ 400 degreese,mail alarm,apply to steel,iron smelting gold,ceramics factory(TEMPer1K3)


Product Code: TEMPer1K3

Manufacturer: PCsensor

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Isolated thermocouple ,outer sensor  K thermo-element , 1m length ,you can to change the thermocouple of outer sensor ;

This products can't also connect two same equipment in the same computer.  if you want to measure multiple point temperature, please choose  LAN series of thermocouple 

Note : USB part and probe part is isolated

2.Function & Feature Converter:
(1)Transition temperature range: 0~+1024C  (Accuracy :  i. 0~700C: -2 ~ +2C      ii. 700~1000C : -5C~+5C)
(2)Temperature range of Inner sensor: -40~+120C
This device can connect two different types of thermocouple:
(1) Type 1 : temperature range :0~+400C
(2) Type 2 : temperature range :0~+1000C
a) Resolution:   0.25C

b) The automatic transmission function . can use excel and Notepad to directly receive.  "Start / stop" button can start or stop sending data automatically send the data, then open the excel ,word or Notepad, you can automatically record data to thees texts, in the recording process, press the keyboard "capslock "or "numlock" recording interval can be achieved Adjustment.

  caps num lock   


d)  Current<10mA

e) Support winnt, winXP , vista ;wind7,wind8 (Note: Hardware of device support Mac )

(3) PCsensor USB series products, can be used on the mobile phone through OTG interface line.

Q1: What are these products mainly include?

A: TEMPer2 ,TEMPerNTC, TEMPer1F, TEMPer1F_H1, TEMPerHUM, TEMPer1K3, TEMPer1K4, TH1000 ISO, TEMPerF, TEMPe8 series (TEMPer8_D2, TEMPer8_D4 TEMPer8_D8,TEMPer8_H2 TEMPer8_H4, TEMPer8_H8 TEMPer8_T2, TEMPer8_T4, TEMPer8_T8, etc.)

Q2: what are the common OTG interface of mobile phone?

A: millet, samsung, etc.

Q3: how to validate if your mobile phone is in line with the OTG?

A: Use OTG line connecting a mouse or keyboard, see if the mouse is normally used in conformity with the OTG. 

3. packing list :  

   1, USB thermocouple converter (plastics  case)  1pcs;

   2, K-type thermocouple (cable 1meters) ,  1pcs ;

   3, CD ;

  4, Weight of TEMPer1K3 : 100g


4. Product photos



                                              Picture 1






           Picture 3 (Type 1 : temperature range :0~+400C)


a) Solder furnace and boiler temperature detection; 
b) Rice cookers, kitchen utensils, Induction Cooker, heater temperature detection;
c) The house, reaches pipeline temperature measurements compressor, steamed so on


6. software     (Note: Our software only support windows system .)

               picture1 TEMPer1K3_read temperature

                      picture2   TEMPer1K3_Curve

                    picture4  TEMPer1K3_ MSN_log in


             picture5  TEMPer1k3_MSN_Successful


  picture 6  TEMPer1K3_ MSN_read data

  picture7  TEMPer1K3_MSN_read data

 picture7  TEMPer1K3_Setting 


 (if you need DIY , You can purchase demo program . Please contact me !)


Note: If you want to download the latest software, please click here



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